Veronica was working as a Marketing Coordinator with major Latin Record Label EMI Latin when she realized she had aspirations to become something a bit more creative and meaningful . The corporate life was just not fulfilling enough. Veronica's Label access to artist photo shoots, press conferences, music videos, etc. is the vehicle that enabled her to envision a future in a creative world where she could make her own mark. Embraced with a natural knack for painting coupled with the ability to strike up conversation with just about anyone on just about any subject is what gave her the confidence to pursue a career in MAKEUP. Now with over 15 years of on set experience, ....this is still what makes her tick. Veronica is thriving as a Makeup Artist working on Celebrities, Music videos, commercials, and Print Campaigns as well as some Image Consultant work with Record Companies, Very talented Photographers, Toy Companies and Celebrities. Veronica has a deep down true passion for her work as she only brings the best of herself and skill to the set. What gives her the greatest joy as an artist is her ability to make her clients feel confident, look beautiful, and above all feel at ease on set in front of the camera.